Figaro's Password Manager


What is Figaro's Password Manager?

Figaro's Password Manager is a GNOME application that allows you to securely store your passwords. Features include:
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Current Version - 0.60 beta

Version 0.60 Added ability to use a different fpm data files.

Version 0.59 Added import of gpasman files and some bug fixes.

Version 0.58 changes the maximum password length from 24 characters to 255. Added an import function and fixed some small bugs.

Version 0.56 fixes a bug that can cause corrupted password files when you change FPM's passcode. It also adds an export to plaintext functionality. Thanks, Joe Lesko!

Version 0.53 fixes a memory problem that could lead to segmentation faults on certain platforms.

Version 0.50 introduces a new "launcher" feature. This allows you to teach FPM how to launch different programs.

For example, you might have FPM open a gnome-terminal running ssh. To do this, you could create a launcher of type "ssh", and teach FPM to pass the host and user name to the command line, and copy the password to the primary selection so it can be easily pasted into the password prompt. Then, whenever you have a ssh password, you would use the new ssh launcher that you defined.

Version 0.50 also adds support for a "default" category, prompts you to save whenever you add a new password, and fixes several minor bugs.

FPM is free!

FPM is open source free software. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), either version 2 or (at your option) any later version.

FPM Mailing Lists

There are two mail lists for FPM. fpm-announce is a very low traffic list aimed at end users in which I post information on new versions, etc. fpm-devel is a higher traffic list aimed at people interested in contributing to FPM.


It took more to create FPM than just myself. Here are some of the people that have made FPM possible.

What do I need to run FPM?

FPM is a GNOME application. To use it, you generally need to be running Linux or some other UNIX like system. You also need to have the GNOME and GTK+ libraries installed on your system.

FPM also requires the libxml library to read and write password files in XML. This library is sometimes also known as Gnome-XML, and odds are that if you already have GNOME, you have this library as well.

Made in GLADE

[Glade picture]

This application was created with GLADE, a user interface builder for GTK+ and GNOME.

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